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Rob Patmore is an international TV fundraising specialist and video storyteller for non-profits, trading as Crossbow Film. Crossbow’s mission is to use film to open people's hearts to good causes that connect to their values and interests, and then engage them in supporting long-term projects.


Rob works as a film director and producer in the field and spends a large amount of time in editing studios putting together video material to emotionally engage viewers. As a DRTV (Direct Response TV) specialist he also runs TV fundraising campaigns for clients and pores over results spreadsheets to optimise response and ROI.


Since setting up Crossbow in 2008 Rob has filmed for NGO’s in: Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Myanmar, Netherlands, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey and Zimbabwe.


He currently works all over the world with Greenpeace International and IFAW, as well as for NGO's in local markets such as Oxfam in Belgium and Vogelbescherming (the Dutch Bird Protection Society) in the Netherlands.


Let Crossbow help you use film to engage with your audience – 

Current and past clients
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